Asus X008 ZC520TL USB Drivers

Asus X008 ZC520TL USB Drivers You work all day, and perform all evening. Is it true that your smartphone maintain up? ZenFone 3 Max's magnificent 4100mAh battery continues through the full work day and into your playtime. Work hard and play harder -- using ZenFone 3 Max constantly on your side.

ASUS PowerMaster™ is a package of smart power management technology which operate in concert to maximize battery life, guarantee long-term and safety functionality, supply reverse-charging capacity, and much more.

Asus X008 ZC520TL USB Drivers

Asus X008 ZC520TL USB Drivers

ZenFone 3 Max is your 5.2-inch smartphone removes battery lifetime concerns, with sufficient energy to get you through a complete workout, and beyond! Using its high-capacity 4100mAh mobile ZenFone 3 Max only keeps going, with standby that continues around 30 times equally. Most of us want more time to speak, join play and observe with no exercising of electricity. Most of us want ZenFone 3 Max.

ZenFone 3 Max's 4100mAh battery capability is so significant that it is equipped to double up as an electricity lender to control your electronic devices. So, you don't have to worry if your other gadgets operate out of juicejust hook them around ZenFone 3 Max and shirt up on the move!

You may not have sufficient battery lifetime -- and that is why ZenFone 3 Max contains two brilliant battery-extending technology to squeeze more power from its 4100mAh mobile phone. Super Saving manners are preconfigured to optimize each last milliamp and, even when empowered, Super Saving style may extend the following 36 hours ZenFone 3 Max's standby time -- even if it is as low as 10 percent.

Asus exclusive battery security technology has 11 test points which make ZenFone 3 Max the most secure yet major capacity. Additionally it can help keep your smartphone follow along with you more optimize around 2x lifespan generally.

ZenFone 3 Max embodies the core principles of industrial layout, paring lovely design with amazing build quality to make an outstanding user experience. ZenFone 3 Max's contoured (2.5D) glass touch display is paired around the trunk by a softly straightened back cover which seems as natural to grip as your clasp. That is because we've considered every element of how ZenFone 3 Max's layout, in the balanced placement of the screen to the exact alignment of the retaining screws in the base.

ZenFone 3 Max is superior design in every detail, and it is yours to want in four stunning shades: Titanium Gray, Sand Gold, Glacier Silver and Rose Gold. ZenFone 3 Max includes a fantastic 5.2-inch high profile IPS screen for good detail, and extreme 400nits brightness for simple viewing even under the brightest lighting problems. Inside or outside, that which you see is apparent on ZenFone 3 Max. With a slender 2.25millimeter bezel and remarkable 75 percent screen-to-body ratio, it is more screen and less mass!

ZenFone 3 Max's back mic detector is perfectly positioned to the direction that you hold your cell phone. It unlocks ZenFone 3 Max at a fraction of a moment, also can a lot more besides. Swipe your own fingertip down throughout the detector to rally the selfie cameraand then tap along with your suggestion to have a photo: it is just like a second camera, where you require it.

ZenFone 3 Max's 13MP PixelMaster camera which captures amazing, high-resolution pictures using no camera lag. The rear-facing 13MP camera carries astonishing pictures, as well as also the 5MP front camera shoots sharp contrast selfies and very clear video chats.

Asus X008 ZC520TL - Features:

PixelMaster is filled with camera manners to capture each precious minute. The industry-leading HDR style enables you to see through daylight darkness. This enlarges the dynamic range by four times (4x), also improves brightness by around 400%. Super Resolution captures multiple shots concurrently for one picture with magnificent 52MP detail. And ZenFone 3 Max's Low Light style takes bright and clear photographs, even in bad lighting conditions.

Incredible hardware needs breathtaking software -- and that is ZenUI 3.0. ZenFone's front finish boosts the typical port in over 1,000 specific manners, and our most recent edition includes new suggestions to enhance your cell experience, enhance productivity and create everyday life a tiny bit more entertaining. Watch weather upgrades with real time cartoons, or assess the time using a trendy clock widget. Feel the thickness in your display as you swipe your programs, and enjoy the way the subtle blurring impact keeps your focus on the foreground. ZenUI 3.0 is not only an interface -- it is the ideal buddy who follows you anywhere.

ZenUI 3.0 includes some fantastic clock widgets that will assist you keep tabs on your day, and an assortment of beatifically crafted weather and temperature cartoons -- so you will know at a glance if it is likely to be rain or shine. Animations include sunlight, rain, clouds, snow, thunderstorm and much more.

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  • Windows XP / Vista 7
  • Windows 8 | Windows 10
  • Support Installer
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Update.

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