Samsung Galaxy View 2 USB Drivers

Its size means it's basically a portable TV that happens to be a Android tabletcomputer. AT&T is no doubt expecting you are going to use it in order to see the organization's upcoming streaming assistance, or its present, and increasingly embattled, DirecTV Currently service.

As its name suggests, this is not Samsung's first effort at a bizarre TV / tablet hybrid vehicle. The first Galaxy View premiered back in 2015. Though we can get behind the notion it sensed overpriced at $599. Regrettably, it does not seem like that is likely to enhance this moment.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy View 2 USB Drivers

Outside this device's enormous screen and beefy 12,000 mAh battery, the Galaxy View two's specs are somewhat more modest. On front is a 5-megapixel camera, but there is no camera on the rear -- likely because the concept of taking photos with a 17-inch tablet computer is absurd.

The Galaxy View two is obviously designed with movie in mind, also comes equipped with a quad speaker speaker selection with support for Dolby Atmos. But in addition, it has LTE and service for NumberSync, the AT&T support which lets you share your primary telephone number and make calls using your tablet computer. The Galaxy View 2 will cost $37 per month from AT&T more than 20 months, leading to a entire cost of $740. It'll be available beginning on April 26th.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 Features:

The Android tablet computer has a 17.3-inch HD screen built to a cover which allows you prop up the display or manage it level against its rear. It's 4G LTE connectivity along with four speakers with Dolby Atmos audio technology. The Galaxy View 2 also functions with AT&T's Numbersync support, which means that you are able to make and receive video and voice calls.

When you've got a DirecTV Now subscription, then you can stream movies and shows with all the preloaded TV Mode program. AT&T said it'll share more specs and pricing data in the time of launch.

This equates to about $740 when it was sold sim-free. AT&T shown the Galaxy View 2 before this week, through a video on YouTube. It is currently unclear whether it is going to start in almost any other lands, such as the United Kingdom.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 Installer:

Contrary to the first and it is closest competition, the 12-inch iPad Guru, the Galaxy View two is primarily being promoted as an amusement device for film and TV watching.

The tablet's unique selling points are it is colossal 17.3-inch, 1080p display and custom kickstand layout. The plan incorporates a custommade, attached cover which may double as a pop up out stand, and this can be super helpful if you would like to watch films on a train or plane.

The Galaxy View 2 also includes Dolby Atmos speakers along with a custom made TV mode that will allow you to get AT&T's streaming solutions and DirecTV Now. Outside of the the pill includes middling hardware.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 support:

Samsung Galaxy Fold For Windows
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