Asus Padfone Mini PF451CL USB Drivers For Windows

Converge your cellular life. Meet PadFone miniature (PF451CL), the special ASUS style invention that combines everything you love on your tablet and smartphone in a single transformable device.

Convergence is advantage, PadFone miniature (PF451CL) is your one-of-a-kind smart apparatus that permits effortless convergence -- your smart phone and tablet computer combined. Just PadFone mini allows you to alter the display size to match what you are doing at the moment!

Asus Padfone Mini PF451CL  Review

Asus Padfone Mini PF451CL USB Drivers For Windows

Prepared for the actual world - Using a swift-action docking mechanism, PadFone miniature orbits between tablet and smartphone instantly. ASUS engineers worked for 3 years to ideal PadFone miniature Station, ensuring that the smartphone is protected no matter how you utilize it!

PadFone miniature (PF451CL) is a 4.5-inch LTE smartphone which becomes a 7-inch HD pill that computer the moment it is docked into the company PadFone miniature Station -- and also exclusive DynamicDisplay technology immediately formats programs to match!

Immediate transition, Padfone miniature's two-in-one transformable design removes dull syncing between tablet and smartphone computers. Films, music and photographs pick up right where they left you so transition between apparatus is seamless it's fast.

Asus Padfone Mini PF451CL  Features:

Perfect functionality, with no compromises, PadFone miniature (PF451CL) makes all you do quicker, simpler and simpler, using a multi-core chip to manage numerous jobs easily. PadFone miniature's batteries have serious endurance, while the 4G technology keeps you in high speed!

Function and perform with Intel Inside 2X2 Intel multi-core processing power, The 1.6GHz 2X2 Intel® Atom™ multi-core Z2560 chip with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology perfectly balances performance and power performance, so PadFone miniature (PF451CL) is smooth and reactive now -- and prepared for tomorrow's next-generation programs

PadFone miniature's screen is created with newest Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 using Native American Damage Resistance™ technologies for new heights of toughness -- which means scratch-resistance that is around ten times (10X) better than conventional screen glass!

Asus Padfone Mini PF451CL  Specs:

Audio Wizardm PadFone miniature's Audio Wizard allows you make your own music experience using five different sound modes (Music, Films, Games, Speech and Recording), expertly tweaked by our music engineers to for the very best audio reproduction!

PadFone miniature Side Flip Cover Our stylish and durable Side Flip Cover protects PadFone mini's display to minimize scratches, scratches and scrapes. The soft microfiber interior cover and durable polyurethane outer cover provide maximum security, and Negative Flip Cover even slides easily to the PadFone miniature Station -- hence no need to eliminate it.

Asus Padfone Mini PF451CL  USB Drivers and Support:

  • Windows XP / Vista 7
  • Windows 8 | Windows 10
  • Support Installer
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Update.

USB Driver : Download
Size : 8.7 MB
File Name :

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