Asus Rog Phone ZS600KL USB Drivers For Windows

A new age of mobile gaming has surfaced. With pure ROG gambling DNA during its heart, ROG Telephone violates every rule to go through which opponents fear to tread. The ultra-comfortable design includes exceptional side-mounted interfaces, along with the improved, ultra-responsive game controllers such as programmable ultrasonic AirTriggers and innovative haptics allow you concentrate all of your abilities on the sport, giving you the advantage you need for complete domination. ROG Phone will alter your game eternally.

Asus Rog Phone ZS600KL Review

Asus Rog Phone ZS600KL USB Drivers For Windows

ROG Phone feel immediately good on mind, ready and awaiting the call of responsibility. A luxury telephone running graphics-intense, fast-paced AAA actions games can bring in a killer quantity of warmth. In addition to being more uncomfortable to hold, a sexy mobile is a slow telephone: thermal throttling can deliver even the fastest CPU for its knees and then flip your battle royale to a freeze-frame wipeout.

The strong AeroActive Cooler provides you an instant additional cooling boost when you require maximum sustained performance from ROG Phone. Its four-speed lover system can cool the surface of the telephone up to 4.7°C, maintaining both the telephone and your palms cool during these marathon sessions.

Asus Rog Phone ZS600KL Features:

Charging a telephone as you're playing with is practically sure to harm your sport: standard phone design makes it incredibly awkward. When the AeroActive Cooler is set up, you receive a side-mounted USB-C interface and 3.5millimeter headphone jack to get unhindered gameplay. The negative connector's also employed for exclusive growth modules, such as the Mobile Desktop Dock and TwinView Dock. Using ROG Phone, you can match in complete relaxation!

In any sport, accurate control is the trick to success, but the absence of buttons on mobiles means that your horn must work overtime. Unless you've got a ROG Telephone, that is! ROG Phone is intended to provide you a more console-like gaming experience, together with three exceptional ultrasonic AirTrigger touch detectors. 

Asus Rog Phone ZS600KL Specs:

Two of those ultra-responsive detectors are optimized as left/right activates on peak of the screen for landscape-mode gambling (the third was created for use in portrait mode), plus they are completely programmable to trigger any accessible onscreen activity: planning, shooting, stock choice, steering, browsing in actuality, anything which normally needs a display tap. Using ROG Phone, you get two additional fingers to command gameplay, giving you the advantage on your bad thumb-bound competitions! Since AirTriggers utilize ultrasonic technology, they simply require a feather-light touch, also only 20g in comparison with equal touch-sensitive controls which require around 4x the drive.

It's simple to find optimum gaming functionality on ROG Phone, using the exceptional X Mode. With only a single tap, you are able to free up all desktop RAM and devote it to matches, Boost game-data processing functionality, and optimize the efficacy of this AeroActive Cooler. X Mode additionally prevents RAM-eating and battery-sapping app action, according to a customizable collection of programs.

Asus Rog Phone ZS600KL USB Drivers and Support:

  • Windows XP / Vista 7
  • Windows 8 | Windows 10
  • Support Installer
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Update.

USB Driver : Download
Size : 8.7 MB
File Name :

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