LG L Fino USB Drivers For Windows

The Quick Circle case additionally has the very same capacities as the Quick window instance of this LG G3 flagship collection. Injected using all the Android KitKat platform, Fino Double can accommodate two GSM operator cards at the same time. The Power and volume buttons at the trunk also offer comfort to users that adore selfie photos. Can not wait to purchase it? Watch First:

Despite using a little measurement, Fino Double looks so thick and heavy if it's held. With matte-plated plastic substance on the rear side, Fino Double is sensed at the clasp. Interestingly, LG also comprises Fino Double with a fast circle case which lets users look at incoming notifications without needing to start a flip event.

LG L Fino Review

LG L Fino USB Drivers For Windows

Reaching a capacitive 4.5 inch wide screen, Fino Double only functions WVGA-class resolution. Therefore, Fino Dual just needed a pixel density of 207 ppi. So to boost convenience in studying, users can pick the right size and font type.

To shield against scratched chances, LG coated the Fino Double screen with Gorilla Glass glass plus a fast circle case. With brightness which may only be set manually, the consumer needs to necessarily set their display brightness once the telephone is used outside.

Carrying Android KitKat, Fino Double presents three homescreen panels which you could add to fit your requirements. Nevertheless with LG's signature interface, Fino Double has a pub telling that's packed with rapid accessibility to toggle preferences and QSLIDE APPS. By swiping to the leftmost corner, users may locate Quick Memo + that lets you draw by doodling the display with palms. To give it a new appearance, you may download your theme supplied.

LG L Fino Features:

Virtually indistinguishable to Acer's floating programs, QSLIDE APP is an assortment of software that could run concurrently in the kind of little windows. To maintain your phone running easily, the amount of windows which could be opened concurrently is limited to 2 bits.

Equipped using the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core chip, Fino Double has the Exact Same chip kitchen as Motorola Moto E. While for your additional battery, LG selects a Li-Po battery with a capacity of 1900 mAh you can loose.

With around 1GB of RAM and an Adreno 302 GPU, the Fino Double generates 16699 points when analyzed with Antutu Benchmark. While the performance evaluation with Quadrant Standard was able to get to the amount 8918 which places it one degree over the HTC One-X.

LG L Fino Specs:

Meanwhile, to assess the performance of the images used Nenamark two that was able to acquire a rate of 56.4 fps. The purchase made the functionality of Fino Double at the very best.

To play a movie, you are able to input the gallery or visit the file Supervisor. The movie player can play videos in many different popular formats to finish 720p resolution together with the added SRT subtitles. It is also possible to view a movie when launching another program by exhibiting a movie in a little window which may be resized.

Switching into the audio player, Fino Double can play the tune in a variety of formats although it doesn't have any consequences and equalizer. Together with the Earset contained, users may even follow FM radio broadcasts.

LG L Fino USB Drivers and Support:

  • Windows XP / Vista 7
  • Windows 8 | Windows 10
  • Support Installer
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Update.

USB Driver : Download
Size : 8.7 MB
File Name : adbdriver.zip

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