LG G Pro Lite USB Drivers For Windows

The LG Optimus G Pro includes a physical button for house on front panel followed back and menu buttons, whereas the G Professional Lite includes four signature keys for rear, house, preferences and also a committed hot essential for SIM switch. The front of this LG G Pro Lite, made from glass, is largely dominated by its 5.5-inch qHD screen. The bezel on the sides of this display is narrow, however when detected carefully is surrounded with a tiny black edge.

We're disappointed to find that the power button at this LG G Pro Lite put a bit up on the perfect panel, we want it would have been placed a little lower because could make hitting it somewhat simpler. We ended up pressing on the QuickButton shortcut rather than the quantity rocker buttons frequently, again due to awkward positioning of these buttons.

LG G Pro Lite Review

LG G Pro Lite USB Drivers For Windows

The 3.5millimeter audio jack, Infrared Blaster along with an extra mike sits at the very top panel of this G Professional Lite and there's a stylus port in the upper right corner of this phablet.

The Micro-USB port along with the mic can be found in the base accompanied by double speakers; something which we can state is a addition to the G Professional Lite, compared to the predecessor.

A aluminum framework runs through the telephone separating the trunk and front panels and we have to acknowledge it will give the G Professional Lite a superior appearance.

Similar to the Optimus G Pro, the LG G Pro Lite includes removable rear panel. The back panel is constructed from plastic and may be taken out through a little gap at the ideal side of this phablet. The trunk includes a shiny finish and is more prone to smudges. Being a plastic spine, the telephone will not look slick when used for extended durations and doesn't offer a fantastic grip.

There's an 8-megapixel camera followed by an LED flash in the back. LG branding can be present in the rear of the G Professional Lite, at the center.

The LG G Pro Lite as anybody would expect isn't too simple to use with a single hand, unless you've got large palms. But we'd say it is not impossible to maintain G Professional Lite one-handed, but extending the thumb all the way throughout the screen feels uncomfortable at best, and for most users - it might even a deal breaker. Additionally because of the sheer size that the LG G Pro Lite hardly fits into pockets and was visible from our pocket.

LG G Pro Lite Screen:

The business has thankfully not jeopardized on the screen dimensions but has diminished the resolution of this G Professional Lite considerably, compared to Optimus G Pro that includes a full-HD (1080x1920) screen.

Concerning functionality, the G Professional Lite's 5.5-inch screen is somewhat mixed bag - on one hand, it's vibrant colors and contrast contrast. On the flip side, it's fairly low-resolution 540x960 pixels, which will be evident when viewing a movie or browsing through pictures on the internet.

The screen created vivid whites and vibrant colors; nevertheless the G Professional Lite's IPS screen doesn't create deep blacks, compared to a AMOLED screen.

Though the LG G Pro Lite renders text and images aggressively, we noticed that it seems to be washed out because of the minimal resolution of the display. The viewing angles onto the smartphone aren't that good and when you lean the G Professional Lite, an individual can detect colors losing their sharpness.

The signature sensitivity of this LG G Pro Lite is remarkable and we didn't experience any problems when utilizing the phablet. Sunlight legibility on the LG G Pro Lite was great when we used the telephone with brightness into the maximum degree, although the display is reflective to some degree.

The camera program on the phablet comprises a customisable fast menu onto one of those sides, including controls for switching between front and back cameras, turning to the Intelligent Vehicle (flash) mode, switching between ordinary, panorama, continuous shot, beauty shooter, sports and nighttime modes and for obtaining the camera configurations.

LG G Pro Lite Features:

The Constant shot mode takes around 20 pictures in 1 go, when pressed on the click onscreen buttonvolume rocker button. The LG G Pro Lite's volume buttons also double up as camera keys once you are in the program, even though there's an onscreen shutter button also.

In our testing of this G Professional Lite's back camera in outside, indoor and dim conditions, we discovered that pictures taken outside during daylight came out nicely, except that colors were a tiny over-saturated, and sometimes observed noise at borders; it is also possible to see missing specifics if you zoomed at a clicked image.

Besides that, we discovered the quality of the pictures clicked from the LG G Pro Lite shot in adequate light to be satisfactory. On the other hand, the exact same couldn't be stated for indoor and dim light shots, so the grade did fall and seemed soft and less crisp as the ones clicked in well-lit scenarios. While there was a sound and lack of detail in low profile pictures, we'd say the operation was rather decent in the purchase price.

The LG G Pro Lite also comes with a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera which may be used to get selfies and also for video chats. Although, we discovered images and videos captured inside or even outdoors by means of this camera were somewhat grainy.

 ADB / Drivers Support:

  • Windows XP / Vista 7
  • Windows 8 | Windows 10
  • Support Installer
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Update.

USB Driver : Download
Size : 8.7 MB
File Name : adbdriver.zip

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