LG Volt USB Drivers For Windows

Welcome to this site and thank you for trusting us as a service place for software or USB drivers LG Volt , on this page there is a download link for all types of operating systems that you use, such as: Windows XP / Vista / 7/10 and the latest.
LG Volt USB Drivers For Windows

On this page you can also download software / firmware / Rom for the device you are using, making it easier for you to connect to a PC / Laptop to Flash and also move data.

The following steps are to install the software / USB Drivers:
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  • Customize the software with the device you are using.
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  • if the zip file extracts it first.
  • and then follow it to the end of the install / finish.

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8.7 MB
Create Date
January 9, 2019
Last Updated
January 6, 2020

LG Volt  Review:

The LG Volt  Prepaid smartphone has the features you need to connect to your world anywhere. With the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) operating system, you can perform most tasks and navigate your device easily. 

It features a smart phone Boost Bluetooth v. 4.0 + A2DP So you can pair with the latest wireless headsets, speakers and much more. It has an 8 MP rear camera with an LED flash to take crisp, clear pictures and a 1.3 MP front camera for applications such as video chat. The hardware on the prepaid smart phone Boost LG Volt features a beautiful 4.7  "IPS LCD touchscreen and a microSD slot to expand memory. * SIM Card not included

Get fast and secure access to your phone by tapping a personalized two-to eight-point passcode pattern anywhere on the screen. Set a secure code that opens your phone with more than 80,000 possible combinations.

8 MP BSI camera with Full HD video capture (1.3 MP front of FAC, shoot clear, clearly colored images and Full HD videos that you can easily share with your friends and family. Get quick access to videos, memos, calendars, browsers and calculators all at the same time, allowing you to multitask easily. (Disable portrait view only to use QSlide function in landscape mode (Apps > Settings > home screen)

3,000 mAh battery, for those who rely most on their phones, the battery of the LG Volt is both removable and powerful enough to handle up to 24 hours of talk time. Guest Mode
Access Guest mode directly with predefined unlock patterns that give you security when you share your phone. Create a separate unlock screen pattern for guests with preset access and restrictions for specific apps. 3

QRemote, turn your LG volt into a remote control for multi-Space, home TV and cable box. Tune into one of your favorite local FM radio stations and get track and artist information, share them online or buy directly from your phone. 

LG Volt  Features:

Quad-Core 1.2 GHz processor, get all the entertainment you can handle with a processor that delivers smooth performance and performance on the go. The LG volt is a generic black plastic plate with a 4.7 inch display. No one stands in the way of Glitter or ornament: squat, oval Home button sits on the front, flanked by back capacitive and menu button. Volume control is on the right side when the lock button is on the left. The headphone Jack and infrared emitter sits on top, while the Micro USB charging Port, flanked by stereo speakers, lives on the bottom.

The screen has a resolution of slightly 960x540 pixels, which does not include watching HD videos or watching high-resolution images. But the display is not good: the perspective of the off-AXIS is not too wide, but the colors look clear and consistent, even when the phone is being shifted. Pixel density of 234 pixels per inch means that the text of Web pages and messages also looks quite sharp stoperable.

This is phone boost, which means you have to cross through many pre-installed apps. Most of them are just a shortcut to the Google Play Store, so you will go with a device that is quite obvious if you spend a few minutes getting rid of garbage.

Phone is saturated with Android 4.4 KitKat an older operating system, which is a little bummer. Google has tried to separate the apps and features from the operating system so you can still use things like Google Now or the latest version of the Mail app. But you still missed the sweet design changes Google has made with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Instead, you get the LG Optimus UI. This is not a dramatic departure from the Android warehouse, and focuses mainly on the replacement of symbols and optimizes the color schemes a bit. LG's own application is also quite useful. There is a Quick remote, which turns the phone into a universal remote control for your TV, retaining the infrared emitters above. There's also QSlide, which lets you plopen selected apps for your display in their own floating window to allow for a slightly spontaneous multitasking. The Volt also provides NFC connectivity, so once Android Pay lifts its head, you should theoretically be able to use it.

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