Samsung Galaxy M30 USB Drivers For Windows

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Samsung Galaxy M30 USB Drivers For Windows

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Samsung Galaxy M30 Core  Review:

The Galaxy M30 still uses plastic materials for its outer body. Combined with a black and blue gradation color, it actually makes the phone stick more elegant. Eliminate the cheap impression of a phone. And when you choose to use transparent silicon as an extra protector, the phone can still be nice to see.

If other vendors call the concept of the design "Waterdrop", then Samsung has the term "Infinity-U" in the display M30. Actually, both terms are similar, and attempt to describe the presence of the front camera that is locked out of the screen display. A rather annoying design when you want to maximize the screen display of your phone. Moreover, the design has been abandoned by other brands that utilize the hidden camera mechanics. 

Broadly, Samsung phones in the range of Rp 2 – 3 Millions have a pull of design and screen lines that tend to be the same. Especially when looking at glimpses of eyes. Different when switching to the back of the phone M30. You will find three rear cameras with different functions. Plus the presence of flash light, as well as a fingerprint scanner on the top center.

Meanwhile on the side of the phone clearly there is a standard port and function of a mobile phone. Like at the top with a noise-cancel hole. The bottom of the port is the 3.5 mm audio jack, the USB type-C charging port, the mic, and the speakers. Switching to the right side can be found power and volume buttons. Last on the left with a slot that can fit 2 micro-SD pieces and one piece of external memory up to 1 TB. 

If it's not broken for what to fix? This is the impression I get when comparing the Galaxy M30 with the M20 type. Smartphones carry similar design directives to its predecessor. The body is made of plastic, with the edges and ends of the stem to be comfortable when gripped. The Galaxy M30 features a 6.4-inch display and has a dimension of 159 × 75,1 × 8 mm. The positive effect of the use of plastic material material is a relatively light weight, only 174g.

The Galaxy M30 comes with two color variants namely Gradation Blue and Gradation Black, which combines the color of gradations between black and grey. Every corner and side of the Galaxy M30 is formed by curves that make it comfortable to grasp, the smartphone is also not very large.

Samsung Galaxy M30 Features:

The gradation color is quite shiny. Although it looks beautiful in colour, smartphones are quite prone to fingerprints, just like the screen. So the user must diligently clean it. Weighing 174 grams, the Galaxy M30 has a dimension of 159x 75.1 x 8.5 Millimetre, light enough to carry anywhere.

Samsung installed it with a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED Display, screen-to-body ratio of 84.2 percent, 1080x2340 pixel resolution and 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The screen is quite large, suitable for entertainment content.

However, it is recommended to be coated with anti-scratch or additional impact protectors, for safer. In the box, Samsung does not provide a softcase, so the user needs to buy it to protect the phone body, and not slippery when using it.

The part of the screen is a small notch of water droplets, where the front camera and speaker are heard to hear the phone communication right on it. At the bottom are three buttons when your phone is unlocked, like the home button in the middle, the back button on the right and left side of the button to see the apps you've opened. 

Moderate when in locked state, then there are only shortcut keys for phone and camera menu. The left side of the body of the Galaxy M30 is not installed, there is only one slot dual SIM card and microSD. On the right side is the volume setting button and the power or unlock button.

On the lower body side, there are only 3.5 millimeter diameter jack holes, USB Type C holes and speaker ring and incoming voice calls, and on the top side there is no button.

On the back, there are three cameras and a flash light on top left, and just below a little bit to the center there are a few oblong circles for the fingerprint scanner. In the middle of the logo is written Samsung. Overall, the settings of the buttons and body shape are the same as smartphones in general and simply make use of each side.

Hardware and Performance Samsung Galaxy M30:

The Galaxy M30 is Disenjatai with the Exynos 7904 chip, a chip made by Samsung with a 14-nanometer process, and an octa-core speed of up to 1.8 GHz. The chips are the same as the previous M series Galaxy M20, as well as the Mali-G71 MP2 graphics chip. However the Galaxy M30 has a larger capacity of RAM and internal memory, 4 GB/64 GB.

Tempo downloaded two games namely Infinity Shooting and Mobile Legend to explore the performance of the phone. Both games provide color-rich graphics. When played with the Galaxy M30, the graphical display is quite bright and the image motion is quite subtle, but lacking in detail.

However, it seems that the game is not to be played in this phone, because when played it looks a bit truncated. In addition, there is a disturbing thing, namely the speaker in the bottom left side and the earphone Jack Hole is somewhat annoying because of obstructed hands during gaming, preferably using Bluetooth earphones as a solution.

To watch the video is quite comfortable, because the screen is big, although if viewed more detail image somewhat broke, but still good enough to enjoy the content. The Galaxy M30 is already running the operating system Android 9 or Pie with One UI Core 1.1.

The camera Samsung Galaxy M30:

In terms of the camera, the Galaxy M30 is fitted with three rear cameras that are the main 13 MP sensor with an aperture of f/1.9, a 5 MP ultra-wide 5m aperture f/2.2 sensor and a 5 MP aperture f/2.2 depth sensor. The front camera has a 16 MP aperture of f/2.0.

The rear camera has several features such as, Panorama, Pro, Beauty, Live Focus, Auto, Stikers, Continuous Shot, on the front there are only Selfie, Live Focus and Stikers features. Some modes, for example Live focus, the result of the image with the mode is quite pronounced, but less neat, there is a boundary between focus and blur that looks noticeable and not subtle.

Users can also choose the image size that can be set in the settings and select Picture Size in which there are four options, 4:3 with 13MP, 16:9 with 9.6 MP, 19.5:9 with 7.9 MP and 1:1 with 12 MP. The video size can also be set to Full HD.

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