Samsung SM-N930K USB Drivers and Specification

One of the reasons smartphone users currently choose and also look for devices that have supported the latest features and also with the best processor and design this is why people choose Samsung as the device used to complement the needs of anywhere.

Samsung SM-N930K USB Drivers and Specification

in terms of processor, this device has been equipped with Exynos 7870 Octa (14 nm) run various applications smoothly and smoothly in addition you can play games quickly without waiting for loading or with a high graphic.

and has also been equipped with a battery-sized 7300 mAH thus making the device more durable and also charging quickly because it supports the latest features of Samsung. without a doubt, this device is very popular used by everyone in the world.

Samsung has also guaranteed and continues to develop its devices in terms of what are the design features and also waterproof and things that can make Samsung quickly damaged. therefore the admin recommends choosing this smartphone.

After a little review from us above. On this page we provide download links for you for all operating systems such as Windows XP/ Vista / 7 and also Windows 10/8 so you can connect to the device easily and run on all software.

Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Microsoft-Win 8, Windows 10
File: Exe
Author: Samsung
 Samsung SM-N930K: Support USB Drivers


 Samsung SM-N930K Review, Specs, Features:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N930K) is a good Android phone with a 2.3Ghz Octa-Core processor that allows run games and heavy applications. With one SIM card slot, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N930K) allows download up to 600 Mbps for internet browsing, but it also depends on the carrier.

Great connectivity of this device includes Bluetooth 4.2 + A2DP, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz) + MIMO and NFC to make mobile payments or connection to other devices. Including the battery, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N930K) phone has 169 grams and it's a very thin device, only 7.9mm.

Basically, the Galaxy Note Fe is the same product as the Galaxy Note 7. Of course, it is familiar with the form of the Galaxy Note 7 that was launched by Samsung in August 2016. Galaxy Note Fe certainly still has the classic design of the Galaxy Note series which still has bezels at the top and bottom. Unlike the Infinity Display offered by Samsung on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 series with an 18:9 screen ratio.

The Galaxy Note Fe certainly still uses a 16:9 screen. The device has a curved screen that is also ergonomically most comfortable in the hands of the user, which eventually becomes the forerunner of Infinity Display. Because the 'Edge' screen on the Galaxy Note 7 or Note Fe is not too wide to the side. Unlike its generation, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a widescreen arch. The front panel is also equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 screen protectors. The metal frame also looks sturdy framing the device.

The note series' legacy design is also found on the home button which combines functions with a fingerprint sensor located on the lower bezel of the front. Unlike the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 that already place fingerprints on the back. While the power button placement is on the right side while the volume button is on the left.

As we know the Galaxy Note Fe offers a smaller battery capacity, but the dimensions of the body are not changing. Precisely, the device equipped with a 5.7-inch display has a dimension size of 153.5mm x 73.9mm with a thickness of 7.9 mm.

Samsung offers two variants for galaxy note fe in Indonesia. The color variant we hold today is the Blue Coral color variant. The Blue Coral color on offer is seen as something quite fresh for Samsung smartphones. But the 'bright blue' color that Samsung offers is still a segment option, not the general taste of most people. Another variant to choose from is black.

While on the back cross-section, nothing looks so dingy. The Galaxy Note, which carries a body with Glass material, has also used Gorilla Glass 5 on the back cross-section. Galaxy Note Fe's writing is listed at the bottom. This will certainly make it easier to identify that this device is an improved version of the Galaxy Note 7, at any time if the user passes a security check at the airport.

The camera module certainly remains in the middle, which has been Samsung's consistency in every product to date. In addition to the camera module, there is a dual-Tone LED flashlight, as well as a heart rate detection sensor.

The Galaxy Note Fe already uses a USB Type C connector, which is located at the bottom along with a 3.5mm jackhole, speaker grille, and stylus slot. While the SIMCard Slot is on the top side. In fact, the Galaxy Note Fe or Galaxy Note 7 itself was Samsung's first device to use the MicroUSB type C when it was first introduced in 2016. Also for the S-Pen, the technology offered is the latest technology like the one on the Galaxy Note 8 with the S-Pen with EMR (Electromagnetic Resonance) technology. This technology also allows the screen to remain usable even if exposed to water.

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